About Us

Vance's Mill Farms is the Gomer family’s legacy, having been a part of the family for four generations. Daddy Paul (the great-grandfather of the farm’s current owners) originally bought the Kentucky property in 1951 to raise Hampshire pigs, horses, and cattle. Since then, the farm has been passed down from father to son-in-law, farther to son and from uncle to nephew. Not only did Daddy Paul pass down the land, but he passed down his work ethic. Daddy Paul – who worked the land well into his eighties – used to joke that out in the fields he still felt seventy.

Today, Vance's Mill Farms is managed by Kelly Bush and Nick Shrull, cousins who together have brought the farm from conventional to organic farming methods. They are passionate about providing their community with organic pork and grass-fed beef. While Daddy Paul avoided even the house phone, today you can follow Vance's Mill Farms on YouTube (vancesmillfarms) and Instagram (Vancesmillfarms). You can also follow the journey of Kelly Bush and his wife, who both traded Silicon Valley for life on the family farm. Check out their YouTube channel, OurFarmFreshLife. From all of us in the Bush, Shrull, and Swindle family, we look forward to sharing our family’s legacy with you!

Daddy Paul

(Daddy Paul - Paul Gomer)

Eugene Swindle

(Pa - Eugene Swindle)

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